Party Feet Essentials

The relationship with my feet has always been lukewarm at best – they’re small and square, always dry and stubborn when it comes to footwear (hello blisters). Pedicures are, of course, paramount for party ready feet, but what if you are between treatments and have less than 24 hours to fix your feet? This was my dilemma. Now I’m not about to give you directions on home pedicures because firstly, I suck at them and secondly, I think some things are best left to the professionals. Cutting your nails incorrectly can lead to ingrown toenails and that’s just nasty (I say […]

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Messy ‘Meh’ Hair for us Lazy Women

Meh Hair Lazy Hairstyles for women

FINALLY it’s acceptable to walk around with an unruly mane! It has always bugged me when girls say ‘oh I just rolled out of bed’ when someone compliments them on their hair, yet they look like they just visited Kate Middleton’s hairstylist. I, on the other hand, am being deadly honest when I say I’ve just rolled out of bed- usually I’m not being complimented though. So I was bloody relieved to see that ‘Meh’ hair was trending at SS15 fashion shows… Yes I’m on trend! Go me. Dries Van Noten, Mary Katranzou and even Celine, paraded their forthcoming lines […]

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Review: How to be Parisian

This book has a couple of fab snippets of advice that all young girls (and boys!) should be told before they come of age…. For example One of my favourite statements about Fashion: ‘Logos. You are not a billboard’. But most of these insights are contained within the first couple of pages only! The rest of the book was very disappointing; it is filled with whimsical contradictions that gave me the impression that the four authors, a group of friends, have convened purely to fill out the pages of this book with a fictional concoction of a ‘true’ Parisian. The only […]

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