Five Grams: Jubilant June

Five Grams: Instagram collection by Hapless & Hopeless. June 2016

June was a month of celebration: marking my 30th birthday with delicious brunch dates and a decadent cocktail party, then later celebrating the hubby’s birthday at Werribee Mansion. With winter setting in, Instagram was a sea of cool tones, soft knits and a few snaps of glorious (but crisp) sunny days. Five Instagram Faves 1 | Thick cut bacon, Gruyere potato hash brown and Beetroot relish at the Wide Open Road cafe, Brunswick, Vic. 2 | Styling fluffy cotton is my new interior obsession. 3 | I never say no to lemon gifts. 4 | Sartorial street shot at the […]

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Five Grams: April Blooms

April represents change for me: in London it is relief from the cold as Spring arrives, in Melbourne it’s the vibrant colours of Autumn and today, the last day of the month, it is my nephew’s birthday, which always makes me feel old! This year, though, April has been the start of party planning, as I have decided to host a Long Winter Lunch for my 30th birthday in June. As such my Instagram feed is bursting with flowers as I try to gather inspiration.

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Five Grams: Jan Edit

Gorgeous handmade jewellery from Tasmania, by Bellebird Handmade. This chunky Macrame bangle with copper link is gorgeous. My latest purchase!

January was actually pretty darn good. No New Year’s resolutions meant I didn’t once feel like a failure! Instead it was filled with good food, weird weather, friends welcoming new babies and one drunken night that still makes me laugh/cringe.

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Five Grams : July Edit

Kinfolk magazine and cup of tea, perfect!

After a Summer sojourn in London and the discovery of fellow creatives in this vibrant city (and overseas), my Instagram feed has never looked more enchanting. Fresh flowers, meandering rivers and luscious landscapes have inspired and enthralled. I’ve even enjoyed the cosy snaps from the Southern Hemisphere as they rug up for Winter.

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