Are you Washing your Hair Correctly?

Tips on how to wash your hair the right way to encourage growth and prevent damage.

It’s hard to believe there is a wrong way to wash your hair; indeed there are counterproductive habits that are silently screwing up your hair. A good hairdresser should ask lots of questions about the products you use, how you have been washing your hair, the styles you wear and any concerns you might have, so that they can advise you accordingly. During a recent trip to my hairdresser Maddie, I raised my concerns about my hair thinning with age, and the hereditary patches of hair loss at the front of my head (cheers Mum!) so Maddie asked about my […]

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Messy ‘Meh’ Hair for us Lazy Women

Meh Hair Lazy Hairstyles for women

FINALLY it’s acceptable to walk around with an unruly mane! It has always bugged me when girls say ‘oh I just rolled out of bed’ when someone compliments them on their hair, yet they look like they just visited Kate Middleton’s hairstylist. I, on the other hand, am being deadly honest when I say I’ve just rolled out of bed- usually I’m not being complimented though. So I was bloody relieved to see that ‘Meh’ hair was trending at SS15 fashion shows… Yes I’m on trend! Go me. Dries Van Noten, Mary Katranzou and even Celine, paraded their forthcoming lines […]

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Cutting the dead ends – Oscar Oscar @ Highpoint

Today I had the best hairdressing appointment I have ever had! So I thought I would write this quick review so that you know what sort of experience to expect at a decent salon. It started with a consultation where I was asked to explain what I wanted- Maria, my stylist, was very quick to state what my hair type is, what the issues with its current condition and style were and what the plan of action is to bring it back to life. Ultimately my hair is very fine and very dead! Plus I have had lots of dodgy […]

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