Are you Washing your Hair Correctly?

Tips on how to wash your hair the right way to encourage growth and prevent damage.

It’s hard to believe there is a wrong way to wash your hair; indeed there are counterproductive habits that are silently screwing up your hair. A good hairdresser should ask lots of questions about the products you use, how you have been washing your hair, the styles you wear and any concerns you might have, so that they can advise you accordingly. During a recent trip to my hairdresser Maddie, I raised my concerns about my hair thinning with age, and the hereditary patches of hair loss at the front of my head (cheers Mum!) so Maddie asked about my […]

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Party Feet Essentials

The relationship with my feet has always been lukewarm at best – they’re small and square, always dry and stubborn when it comes to footwear (hello blisters). Pedicures are, of course, paramount for party ready feet, but what if you are between treatments and have less than 24 hours to fix your feet? This was my dilemma. Now I’m not about to give you directions on home pedicures because firstly, I suck at them and secondly, I think some things are best left to the professionals. Cutting your nails incorrectly can lead to ingrown toenails and that’s just nasty (I say […]

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Coconut Oil Pulling – Does it work?

Coconut oil pulling for whiter teeth - a 7 day test

Coffee and red wine have a lot to answer for, my teeth are looking lacklustre indeed. I suffer from sensitivity and teeth whitening products are painful. Coconut oil pulling has a bit of a cult following, with many friends of mine swearing by its whitening properties, with others claiming additional dental hygiene benefits too. Despite a past failed attempt at coconut pulling – my BFF unceremoniously shoved a whole tablespoon of coconut oil into my mouth prompting me to heave it back out instantly – I have decided to try again, with a commitment of 7 days, to see if it really […]

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Morning Rituals

Morning rituals to start the day

Morning Rituals can be the difference between a day of missed opportunities and a day of limitless potential; the difference between a ‘Groundhog’ day of mistakes instead of a day filled with little moments of joy, that will return to you later as sweet memories.

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