Ai Wei Wei // Andy Warhol

Poignant anti-government photograph at Tiananmen Square by Ai Wei Wei

One, a Chinese dissident artist, the other, a pop print icon with an enviable squad. So what brought them together in one exhibition? The jury is still out… I have always considered myself a philistine when it comes to the arts. Quite simply, I just don’t get it. Almost 15 years ago I stood in front of the painting masterpiece ‘The Birth of Venus’ by Botticelli, at the Uffizi gallery in Florence, and yes, of course, I marvelled at the artist’s skill. I could clearly understand the subject, how much work had gone into it etc. But the rest of […]

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Spilling my Creative Juice

My mind is constantly going ten to the dozen, often resulting in my mouth talking gibberish whilst my brain has sped ahead leaving my concentration dragging its feet on the floor behind me. I am desperate to be the creative type who floats through meadows in ethereal gowns adorning a crown of flowers strung together effortlessly that morning, before creating a masterpiece for the world to behold (or buy… yes that would be a bonus). I want to be this hyperbolic stereotype! No, in all seriousness I just want to be creative. Problem is I am not a completer-finisher (character […]

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