Coconut Oil Pulling – Does it work?

Coconut oil pulling for whiter teeth - a 7 day test

Coffee and red wine have a lot to answer for, my teeth are looking lacklustre indeed. I suffer from sensitivity and teeth whitening products are painful. Coconut oil pulling has a bit of a cult following, with many friends of mine swearing by its whitening properties, with others claiming additional dental hygiene benefits too. Despite a past failed attempt at coconut pulling – my BFF unceremoniously shoved a whole tablespoon of coconut oil into my mouth prompting me to heave it back out instantly – I have decided to try again, with a commitment of 7 days, to see if it really […]

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Jack of All Trades – is it that bad?

Are you good at lots of things rather than excellent at one thing?

Advising the masses means that the majority of the time the advice given will be correct to only a percentage, like in epidemiology where the government petrifies a whole country into giving up butter because of a health risk relevant to only a portion. The advice won’t apply to everyone and, like with the butter, negative associations stick. Take the ‘Jack of all Trades’ for example. He was perfectly respected until someone quipped he was a master of none, making him entirely redundant at anything and everything. But is it really such a bad thing to be a Jack?

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Morning Rituals

Morning rituals to start the day

Morning Rituals can be the difference between a day of missed opportunities and a day of limitless potential; the difference between a ‘Groundhog’ day of mistakes instead of a day filled with little moments of joy, that will return to you later as sweet memories.

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Five Grams: February Leap

That mystical quadrennial date, February 29th, has arrived and whilst few understand the purpose of a Leap Year, the day itself is revered as though it is magical. What a great excuse to spark some joy in your life.  – do we say Happy Leap Day? Is that a thing?

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10 Tips on Choosing Art for your Bathroom

10 tips for choosing artwork for your bathroom

Decorating is a great boredom buster and thanks to Pinterest for it’s constant inspiration {read that as distraction!} my bathroom has most definitely come a long way. With the big DIY stuff done I’m now focusing on the finer details of bathroom styling and I’m looking to give it some pizzazz. I decided it needs artwork! 10 TOP TIPS: How to Choose Art for your Bathroom 1. Work with your existing decor It’s important to isolate the general theme of your bathroom decor, for example: is it rustic, using natural materials like reclaimed wood? Or is it sleek and modern with […]

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Five Grams: Jan Edit

Gorgeous handmade jewellery from Tasmania, by Bellebird Handmade. This chunky Macrame bangle with copper link is gorgeous. My latest purchase!

January was actually pretty darn good. No New Year’s resolutions meant I didn’t once feel like a failure! Instead it was filled with good food, weird weather, friends welcoming new babies and one drunken night that still makes me laugh/cringe.

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Book Review: The Nightingale

Honest Book Reviews on Hapless and Hopeless

‘If I have learned anything in this long life of mine, it is this: in love we find out who we want to be, in war we find out who we are.’ Set in France during World War 2, this epic story follows two very different sisters, as they try to survive Nazi occupation and ultimately each other.

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*That* Facebook Friend Request

Facebook friends

Technology is a blessing that connects this complicated world and its citizens, from the ‘burbs of Melbourne to the mud huts of Somalia (I am still amazed at that friend request, the profile picture was so impressive but so weird given that the guy was holding a machete – obviously a farmer, but still). Yet the one friend request I wasn’t prepared for, was from my Nan. Yes, my Grandmother. 

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