Jack of All Trades – is it that bad?

Are you good at lots of things rather than excellent at one thing?

Advising the masses means that the majority of the time the advice given will be correct to only a percentage, like in epidemiology where the government petrifies a whole country into giving up butter because of a health risk relevant to only a portion. The advice won’t apply to everyone and, like with the butter, negative associations stick. Take the ‘Jack of all Trades’ for example. He was perfectly respected until someone quipped he was a master of none, making him entirely redundant at anything and everything. But is it really such a bad thing to be a Jack?

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Morning Rituals

Morning rituals to start the day

Morning Rituals can be the difference between a day of missed opportunities and a day of limitless potential; the difference between a ‘Groundhog’ day of mistakes instead of a day filled with little moments of joy, that will return to you later as sweet memories.

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Comparisonitis: How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

How to stop comparing yourself to others

Are you suffering with Comparisonitis? Do you scroll through your Instagram feed for hours on end just to see what bloggers are wearing instead of hitting the shops to see what you like? Are you planning a complete kitchen renovation so that you can style your cooking/fashion/photography books on a perfect white marble workbench? Do you quit something before you’ve even tried because you know you’ll never be as good as ‘insert name of frenemy’? If you answered yes to any of the above questions,

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How to Live with Intention

Live life with intention and purpose with these 10 tips

If you’re anything like me, you’ve just read the title of this post and scoffed a little. Live wi h intention? I mean we aren’t exactly living unintentionally are we. Are we? After all, you aren’t sitting on a packed, smelly train, commuting to your job for the sake of it. Nor did you unintentionally drop the kids off to school this morning.

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Getting Yourself Out There

Have you ever got yourself stuck in a rut where you are bored with everything but don’t know what to do about it? Where you have avoided everyone and everything for so long that you are now too scared to make the first move to try something new to get back out into the world?

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15 Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt

15 Ways to Overcome Doubt

Doubt is a sneaky little bugger. One minute you are soaring on the wings of possibility, exploring the endless opportunities of a new idea, your body floating on a pool of positivity, when BAM! Out of nowhere, harsh words knock the wind out of you, whilst hands rise from the depths of the water to pull you under.

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