Five Grams : July Edit

Kinfolk magazine and cup of tea, perfect!

After a Summer sojourn in London and the discovery of fellow creatives in this vibrant city (and overseas), my Instagram feed has never looked more enchanting. Fresh flowers, meandering rivers and luscious landscapes have inspired and enthralled. I’ve even enjoyed the cosy snaps from the Southern Hemisphere as they rug up for Winter.

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Circus Runaway

Unique exercise class that shapes your body and your soul.

It has been a strange couple of months, a time of awakening, per se. In February, I joined the circus and every Monday night, I run away with them for 2 blissful hours. What started as an attempt at finding ‘fun’ exercise has ended up being the saviour of my sanity and a beautiful insight into the notion of ‘community’.

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25 things that Pretty Woman taught me

Last week the cast of Pretty Woman celebrated the 25th anniversary of the film which was released on 23 March 1990. This film wasn’t an epic saga of adventure and courage, nor was it a forlorn tale that teaches generosity or gratitude. No, this film is about a hooker landing a pretty big score and falling in love… yet it has probably taught me more than most films. Whether you love it or you hate it, you would probably still be able to pick out a poignant moment/quote/scene that has stuck with you over the years. I thought of 25 […]

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Homemade Pork Dumplings

新年快乐!Happy Chinese New Year! I decided to celebrate with my first attempt at homemade dumplings… They were actually really easy to make and would look so impressive when served at a dinner party! They are also pretty healthy, are very versatile and ingredients can be substituted and experimented with!   

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