Five Grams: February Leap

That mystical quadrennial date, February 29th, has arrived and whilst few understand the purpose of a Leap Year, the day itself is revered as though it is magical. What a great excuse to spark some joy in your life.  – do we say Happy Leap Day? Is that a thing?

Leap Days have inspired spontaneity in love for hundreds of years – it was once recognised as the only day of the year that a woman may propose to her husband and has inspired many proposals since.

But what about a Leap Day that changes your life not just your marital status?

Leap into Life

In recent years, it has taken on a new meaning and inspires a broader level of spontaneity: Leap Days are for Life Leaps. in my own personal quest for a full but simple life, I have connected with lots of creative people on Instagram, many of whom are inspiring change with positive messages, stories of life changing decisions and new paths.

Taking a leap of faith is scary but incredibly rewarding – today is but a fleeting moment, use the novelty as momentum and find the courge to change your life.

Need inspiration for your leap? Check these Insta feeds/blogs out:

Instagram Inspo from the multi-talented Emma Kate, showcasing her motivational quotes, pastel pictures and breathtaking travel pics that will give you serious wanderlust.

1| Emma Kate Co – talented hand letterer, pastel Photgrapher and avid traveller. Emma Kate’s Instagram will make you want to pack your bags and go on an adventure.

The magazine for all the dreamers that are ready to make the change and become the doers.

2| Collective Hub – a magazine for the creative dreamers. Jam packed with inspiration for change.

The Leap Stories are beautiful interviews of women who have taken a leap of faith and made a total career change. So inspiring

3|  OfKin – The Leap Stories are a series of interviews with entrepreneurs that have taken a completely new direction in life and their career

Inspirational Instagram account that is the imagery behind the blog (of the same name) that inspires you to reach your life goals.

4| Dream Create Do – A brilliant blog for goal crushing found via their gorgeous Instagram feed with motivational messages and wanderlust inducing travel pics.

Inspirational quotes, business tips and life lessons from Hilary Rushford

5| Hilary Rushford – lives her dream after taking a leap and making a change. She gives great business and life tips for creatives who want to live their dream.

Make your dreams come true today.



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