10 Tips on Choosing Art for your Bathroom

10 tips for choosing artwork for your bathroom

Decorating is a great boredom buster and thanks to Pinterest for it’s constant inspiration {read that as distraction!} my bathroom has most definitely come a long way. With the big DIY stuff done I’m now focusing on the finer details of bathroom styling and I’m looking to give it some pizzazz. I decided it needs artwork!

10 TOP TIPS: How to Choose Art for your Bathroom

10 Things to consider when buying pictures and prints for your bathroom.

1. Work with your existing decor

It’s important to isolate the general theme of your bathroom decor, for example: is it rustic, using natural materials like reclaimed wood? Or is it sleek and modern with clean lines? Pinpointing the theme will help you to choose art suited to your space. I’m not saying it has to match, but if you isolate one theme, you can work on complementing or contrasting. Some ideas: For modern spaces try a striking black and white photograph. In a retro bathroom try a vintage poster with bright complementary colours. Or the reverse for something unexpected!

2. Choose a subject for your art

You might find it easier to start with a subject theme for your art. Scour Pinterest for ideas! I love seascapes and boats, especially old maritime sketches or abstract paintings. Vintage French advertisement posters, such as those for perfume or soap, look fabulous in a country bathroom, as do retro travel posters.

3. Pick a colour scheme

If you have your subject you can narrow it down to colour choice. Or if you don’t know what subject you want your art to be, refine your search by colour scheme and see what jumps out. Use colour swatches to find which colours work with your existing decor. I do love moody tones and tend to choose variations of a shade rather than a different colour. However, a small, unexpected pop of colour can really breathe new life into a room.

4. Consider the frame material & mount

Bathrooms are wet (obviously) and if the print is not protected it will eventually end up damaged from condensation. Sleek, thin, black plastic or metal frames with glass fronts look great and will protect your print nicely. I like to use a frame that’s bigger than the print, with a mounting board that provides a border around the print. This will make the artwork really stand out. Also, consider other types of materials such as wood mounting, which can be sealed and waterproofed.

5. Be different 

Don’t feel obliged to stick to common art themes used in the bathroom: if you want a Star Wars movie poster then go for it! The art should reflect who you are and what you love. You can use clever ways to integrate it, for example, sandy beaches are often depicted  in bathroom art scenes, so why not a sandy scene from Star Wars?! Oh, how fab would an original Jaws poster look…. OR if words are more your thing, instead of a picture, get your favourite quote from a book printed.

6. Be funny 

If you have a family perhaps you could put up some humorous bathroom rules. I will never forget the illustration in my Grandmother’s bathroom of a little boy making a mess, with the message: ‘If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be sweet and wipe the seat’. I still remember it all these years later so it’s obviously a good way to get through to the kids!

7. Pick a focal point for your art

You may have chosen your space first, either way where possible ensure the art will be at eye level so it is easily viewed, in a visible open space, such as above the toilet or the hand towel rack.

8. Trial it’s position

Cut some paper to size and Blu-tac to the wall so you can get a feel for its size. Use an iPad or tablet to display the image and ask someone to hold it in place to check that it fits in with the surrounding colour schemes. Also, check functionality, especially if placing above a towel rack, by leaving the temporary paper in place and going about your daily routine.

9. Lean it

The last thing you want is a picture falling on your head whilst you pee! If you are renting and can’t hang things on the wall, or if you fancy a different dynamic to your focal piece, lean your art against the wall instead, either on the floor or on shelves. Fill voids and gaps creatively, such as window sills and even door frames, by layering different sized prints. If it’s got a ledge you can put a picture on it! Don’t forget the toilet cistern too.

10. Switch it up

Give your guests something new to look at once in a while and rotate the artwork through your house. It will give the bathroom a new feel each time you do and you’ll love it for longer.

Now time for me to find some artwork for a new little nook I’ve uncovered in my bathroom.

Any suggestions?



Ps. If you think that artwork is expensive or exclusive – think again! Here is a comparison of Fine Art Prints to suit all budgets, with some shopping site suggestions (even if the artwork is no longer available you can, at least, browse the newest available pieces).

Pps. If you’re after some clever storage ideas for small spaces,  like the bathroom, check out these tips.

Tips on how to choose art work or prints to style your Bathroom, including themes, materials and positioning.


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