10 Ways to Get Organised Instantly

10 Ways to Get Organized Instantly

Do you feel constantly busy but never seem to get anything done?

When life is manic, your home becomes cluttered, almost as a physical reflection of the mental and emotional minefield your are traversing.

As you try to juggle relationships and commitments, your thoughts become tangled and heavy, an anchor weighing you down, crippling your productivity and extinguishing your motivation.

Combating physical and mental or emotional clutter (oh and those bloody never ending To-Do Lists) is difficult because often we don’t know where to start. This feel such a mess!

Motivation, of course is key, specifically you should look to start with anything that can give you instant gratification. Once you feel like you’re getting somewhere, you can truly power momentum and become unstoppable.

On that ‘quick-win’ basis, here are 10 things you can do right now to instantly feel more organised:
1. Unsubscribe from Mailing Lists

Unsubscribe from unwanted emails for a clear inbox and instant gratification.

Inested of waking up to an inbox full of junk that you have to go through and delete, take 10 minutes to go through your emails and unsubscribe from mailing lists. Not only will you save time, you will also feel less overwhelmed when you open your Emails which will aid overall productivity.

2. Check the Post

Don't let your post pile up! Here is a quick sorting guide.
Separate your mail into 3 piles: rubbish, filing and action. Recycle the rubbish and file away the important documents. You could go one step further by scanning and shredding your mail, keeping an electronic file, to save on physical storage space. Arrange your ‘To Action’ pile with the most important task on top.

3. Go Paperless

Go Paperless and sign up for electronic statements to cut the clutter.There is little need for paper statements anymore, contact your service providers i.e. Banks, Utility Companies etc. and ask for all correspondence to be sent electronically. Some you can do online.Less paper = Less Clutter

4. Ten Minute Tidy

10 Quick Ways to Get Imstantly Organised

Take ten to zip around the house and remove physical clutter: put shoes away, straighten out cushions on the sofa and neaten books/paperwork/magazines. Clearing your physical space will clear your mental space; you’ll feel calmer, more organised and will be able to focus with clarity.
5. Check the Calendar

Keep on track and use a diary or calendar to make sure you don't miss an important date plus other handy uses for instant clutter free bliss.

When our mind is cluttered we lose track of days/dates and often miss important events. Write out birthday cards a month in advance, ready to send out, arrange any celebrations or appointments and re-confirm any pencilled-in plans.
6. Download your Brain

Clear your mind, get into the habit of 'downloading' your thoughts so that you can wade through them and try to organise and prioritise.

Write down absolutely everything swimming through your head, it doesn’t have to solely be outstanding tasks, this exercise is to free your mind of the cluttered thoughts and organise them. Now isolate any tasks and note on a separate To-Do List.
7. Prioritise 

Jot down your thoughts and then filter them adding the important tasks to your to do list. Find out the other 9 ways to get instantly organised.

Once you have your To-Do list, it’s important to streamline it by prioritising. Working from a massive To-Do list that is impossible to complete in one day, is counterproductive and demotivating. Choose the 3 most important tasks you need to do that day and make a note on a separate page.
8. Tackle the Biggest/Worst Task First

Tips on how to prioritise your tasks and increase productivity quickly

Don’t put off the horrible stuff and delay the agony, get it done and you’ll feel the weight lift from your shoulders. Make sure you only do one thing at a time and allocate a set amount of time to do the task, so that you stay focused.
9. Tend to Old Tasks

Break up Big Tasks with Jobs that take Less than 5 Minutes

Breal up your big tasks with ‘quick wins’ that will provide instant gratification. Tackle 1 or 2 less important, small tasks, that have been on your To-Do list forever, which will take less than 5-10 minutes. It feels so good to get rid of the little, niggling bits. Mine are often things like deleting bad photos or unused apps on my phone, changing a light bulb or sewing a button.
10. Organise your Handbag/Purse/Wallet

Bags get cluttered easily, so does life. Here are 10 quick tips to help beat the clutter.

Dispose of rubbish and any receipts you don’t need, check expiry dates on coupons and vouchers, sort through business cards and reward cards (throwing those you no longer need or use) and replenish any tissues or toiletries.

Even though they may seem a little obvious, these tips have really worked for me; tackling important priorities is an obvious motivation, but it’s the combination with completing ‘quick-wins’ that will keep you focused and instantly provide some relief of the pressure of clutter.

If the clutter at home is a huge problem, now that you’re motivated to get organised, use our guide to Kick the Clutter once and for all.

Good Luck!



10 Ways to Get Organised Instantly

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