Getting Yourself Out There

Have you ever got yourself stuck in a rut where you are bored with everything but don’t know what to do about it? Where you have avoided everyone and everything for so long that you are now too scared to make the first move to try something new to get back out into the world?

Yes, that was me too, but I finally managed to climb out of my hole. The final stage of my healing was writing this very personal piece for Blog Society on how you can get yourself back out there.

I originally wanted to call this piece ‘Get Off Your Arse’ because that’s what I constantly kept telling myself, unfortunately to no avail. Whatever the title, however, simple or obvious my tips may seem – sometimes you need someone else to shake you into action.

Head over here to read the post in full.

I’ve been thinking about why I began blogging and it was definitely a combination of loneliness and the fact I like talking to myself (blogging makes me look less crazy, marginally).

So if this post makes someone out there feel less lonely then I will be happy knowing I have contributed in some small way.

Always pay it forward peeps.

If it ever gets that tough, if the voice in your head becomes so loud that its negativity is convincing, stop and ask yourself:

Fear and doubt can be crippling, keeping you stuck in a rut. Find out how to get back out there

Be rational about it – if the worst thing that can happen from you trying a new cafe is that you get a really bad coffee, is that terrible? But if the best thing is that you could actually discover a really cool cafe, with great coffee and friendly people, then what the hell are you waiting for? GET OFF YOUR ARSE AND GET OUT THERE!

Easier said than done, you might be thinking. I know this better than anyone because I have been there and in many ways I’m still trying to get out there.

If anyone wants to do something specific but doesn’t know where to start, perhaps I can help you?

Just comment on the activity and the area and I will see what I can find. For example, I have recommendations for cafes in West Melbourne but if you live in Timbuktu perhaps one of my readers might have a suggestion.

Take the leap of faith and I promise you, you won’t look back

Good luck



Ps. Crushed by Self-Doubt? No stress, here are 15 ways to overcome it

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