Skint vs. Mint: Fine Art Prints

Fine art prints are not as exclusive as they may seem. See our picks for low, mid-range and high end budgets in this week's 'Skint vs. Mint' comparison. Your home will look all the better for it!

I have spent all weekend looking for a fine art print and wanted to share my favourite finds – from the cheap and cheerful (if you’re a bit skint) to a saucy splurge for those feeling minted. 

Skint – Fine Art on a Budget

Price range: AU$35-60, £15-30, US$25-40

If abstract art is your thang, you cannot go wrong with this striking print, ‘Ombré in Denim’, from Down That Little Lane. It’s a steal at only $37.50!

This would work in almost any room of the house, particularly in a stark white room where this would take centre stage.

All Posters have a ginormous collection of prints and posters, whilst also offering a range of frames and mounts. AND it has international sites servicing numerous countries: simply select your country at the bottom of the web page to view the pieces available to you in your national currency.

After many hours on this website, I finally decided on this piece called ‘La Baule’ by Alo for my bathroom, only to discover it comes in just one size that is way too big for my space. Gutted! Such a shame as its an absolute bargain at only $50.90.

Alas, I have added it to my ‘One Day’ list (under the previous entry ‘Bigger House’). This piece would certainly brighten any room, especially a bathroom, and I love retro/vintage posters as a feature piece, especially in a rustic room. With this piece, I feel it has a twist of contemporary flair – perfect if you love rustic decor but not all-out-shabby-chic.

BONUS: Mid-Range, Fine Art Print

Price Range: AU$200-300, £100-150, US$150-250

Whilst perusing the delights on Down That Little Lane I happened upon this gorgeous limited edition print called ‘Blue Hue’, which I find totally mesmerising and had to share!

For some reason I’m drawn to blue at the moment, but if blue is not your hue of choice they have similar versions available in other colours. At $275 it’s a mini splurge that you can easily justify, just cut out takeaways for a couple of weeks and save your coins!

Mint – High-End Fine Art

Price Range: AU$2500-3000, £1000-1500, US$2000-2500

Now I wanted to keep this part reasonable, so you won’t find any multi-million dollar pieces here! But for those of you with a couple of thousand pennies to spare take a look at this beauty:

‘Schwarm IV Gruen’ (Schwarm literally meaning Swarm) is part of a collection that is rather cleverly based on the swarm of particles that gradually come together to create an abstract composition in photography.

I could stand and look at this piece all day, the depth and movement are astonishing. It is such a unique collision of traditional style and digital art. A true statement piece available from Otomys for $2640.00.

For me, the hunt continues! At least, the search is fun.

Do you have any suggestions for striking art prints? Please share them by commenting below.



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