Messy ‘Meh’ Hair for us Lazy Women

Meh Hair Lazy Hairstyles for women

FINALLY it’s acceptable to walk around with an unruly mane! It has always bugged me when girls say ‘oh I just rolled out of bed’ when someone compliments them on their hair, yet they look like they just visited Kate Middleton’s hairstylist. I, on the other hand, am being deadly honest when I say I’ve just rolled out of bed- usually I’m not being complimented though.

So I was bloody relieved to see that ‘Meh’ hair was trending at SS15 fashion shows… Yes I’m on trend! Go me.
Dries Van Noten, Mary Katranzou and even Celine, paraded their forthcoming lines with seemingly unsettled models wearing neutral make up with unremarkable hair styles. My neither-here-nor-there colour seems to fit right amongst this with ombré finally taking a backseat.

Ironically I’m sure there was still a fair bit of styling going on, so here I get to say HA! My messy mane requires no styling whatsoever 😉


Although mine is probably a little longer than some of the styles out there, it seems everyone is getting the chop at the mo But the lengths are kind of ‘blah’ along with the ‘meh’ kind of styling. You get me? Not sure which media mogul decided to allow fashion reporting to take a vocab-vacation but the bottom line is this style is perfect if:

1) You are growing your hair and are currently at an awkward length / you are cutting it but still want to tie it up

2) You are a terrible morning person and are always late. Now you can just wash it the night before, got to bed with it damp and wake up to delightfully messy hair!

3) You have given up dying your hair in favour of saving for that Celine bag and you often describe your hair colour as ‘mousey’

So lazy ladies let us unite! Own that messy hair

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