Review: How to be Parisian

This book has a couple of fab snippets of advice that all young girls (and boys!) should be told before they come of age…. For example One of my favourite statements about Fashion:

‘Logos. You are not a billboard’.

But most of these insights are contained within the first couple of pages only!

The rest of the book was very disappointing; it is filled with whimsical contradictions that gave me the impression that the four authors, a group of friends, have convened purely to fill out the pages of this book with a fictional concoction of a ‘true’ Parisian. The only parts I liked were fashion related and most of it was based on common truths that are known amongst fashion followers. If you aren’t in the know on Parisian fashion I would say this is the only reason to buy this book, however this information can probably be found online somewhere for free!

Without giving too much away they paint a Parisian as a hot lover, often disloyal and I would think that there are many married women in Paris who would totally disagree. I get the dramatics though, but I personally just couldn’t read this book and take its nonsense seriously. What also amuses me is that it is an instant hit in the fashion world, ‘proven’ by its image being plastered all over Instagram, but I wonder if these people have actually read it?!

And just to be a geeky pedant why isnt it called ‘How to be Parisienne’ seen as that is the French female form of the word Parisian – i mean it is about women? Granted my French is très rusty so perhaps I’m missing something.

The book itself looks good though – the cover is very minimalist and chic (sorry I’m not dropping the French in on purpose!) so I will definitely use it to style my coffee table! I’ve got to make it worth the $35 somehow.

My recommendation is to save your money and wait for it to hit the library.

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