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Today I had the best hairdressing appointment I have ever had! So I thought I would write this quick review so that you know what sort of experience to expect at a decent salon.

It started with a consultation where I was asked to explain what I wanted- Maria, my stylist, was very quick to state what my hair type is, what the issues with its current condition and style were and what the plan of action is to bring it back to life. Ultimately my hair is very fine and very dead! Plus I have had lots of dodgy cuts recently so it’s looking quite shaggy and choppy – but not in a good way!

She started with a head, shoulder and neck massage using some oil – your choice of mint or lavender. I chose mint which was divine as it opens up your airways helping you to really relax.

Then I was taken to have my hair washed – I was a little worried at first because the girl washing my hair was very chatty and I wanted to relax, but once she had got the polite feigned interest out of the way she concentrated on washing my hair and treating it with a thickening mask. The best part was having my hair wrapped in a hot towel and my eyes covered whilst she massaged my hands! What a service.

After the rinse I was back to Maria for my cut and style.

All in all it was very quick – around an hour – the staff were super friendly and the service was outstanding. The little massages here and there, made for an all round treat and I felt incredibly relaxed.

The cut is fabulous and Maria has advised I have too many layers which makes the hair finer and so she will help even that out over the next few months, so that I’m ready for my wedding next July. All in all I felt totally confident and safe in her hands, which rarely happens with me and hairdressers. Too many disasters in my past!

I purchased the Kerastese Densifique Shampoo and Mask which is said to help thicken hair and promote growth. Watch this space!

The cost of the cut, treatment and style was just $135 Australian Dollars, which is much cheaper than what you would pay for the equivalent in London! The products cost $105 which is quite steep given the fact I have long hair but I will use it once a week as a treat! They also threw in free samples and a 10% discount card off my next visit.

And the end result looked lovely – felt such a waste to go home to housework so I hit the wine instead!I totally recommend treating yourself to a good top salon appointment, even if it’s just once a year. Makes you feel a million dollars πŸ™‚

Oscar Oscar Salons are located in various places across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast Australia. Check their website for promotions before making your appointment as you may be able to get a discount on your first appointment!

Have a lovely weekend ҝ€ï¸

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