Keira Knightley’s Topless Triumph

Today I learned that Keira Knightley’s small breasts are vastly outweighed by her big balls…. and I say a bloody big Bravo!

Keira has stepped up with the help of photographer Patrick Demarchelier by bravely posing topless on the agreement that her photos will not be photoshopped. So sick is she of the media’s constant manipulation of images to promote an unrealistic image of beauty, that she has taken this drastic step to show the world her boobs are small, uneven and beautiful at the same time.

What’s lovely is that the interview on the website accompanying these photographs, is actually with Keira asking Demarchelier about his life and work (the interview can be read here)

It is bad enough that women are still second citizens to men in so many parts of the world, expected to look and dress a certain way, but the fact that it’s women that also constantly berate and ridicule other women, is becoming aggravating. Yes big is beautiful but so is being slim or “skinny” – some people are naturally thin and they too should not be made to feel that they are promoting a bad image.

Why don’t we instead concentrate on highlighting the positive contributions to society that people have and show how manners and attitude will get you further in life than whether or not you have perfect breasts and a dimple-free arse.

And for those of you hoping to catch a glimpse of Keira’s boobs on here, as they are not my pics I shall let you go digging to find them 😉

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