How NOT to get a Facial

I become terribly dysfunctional during a trip to the spa, particularly when it involves beauty treatments. My experiences remind me that a Therapist, by title, is ‘The’+’Rapist’ and will certainly live up to it if you let them.

Although, these mishaps are often preventable: I forget to tell them key information, like the fact I have sensitive skin, or I end up with a brutal masseuse in a quiet room and I can’t find it in me to break the silence to tell them it hurts.

Then there are those times I find my voice, but the message doesn’t quite get through – like when I lived in China and my Chinese wasn’t all that great – I was telling her it hurt but she thought I meant my muscles were sore so she went harder.

Tips on How to Make your Facial Amazing

You’re doing it wrong if you:

1. Fill in the Pre-Treatment Form Incorrectly

Instead: Make sure you complete the pre-treatment form in full before your treatment, telling them everything about your skin and medical conditions so that your experience is safe and nourishing. If your skin is sensitive, tell them! They’ll adjust the products accordingly so that they don’t burn your skin or cause discomfort.

2. Don’t Tell Them It Hurts

Instead: If you don’t like something during the treatment, whether it’s something the therapist is doing or it’s the product they are using, speak up and don’t suffer in silence! Not only will you enjoy it more you will get the most out of your experience in the days following.

3. Don’t Ask Which Products They Used

Instead: Do ask them to write down the details of the products used so that you know what to ask for or avoid next time. It is likely that they sell the products they use, so if you really love them you can continue using them at home.

4. Think Of Your To-Do List During Your Treatment

Instead: Relax! Close your eyes, listen to the music, try to clear your mind by focusing on your breathing and how the therapist’s hands and movements feel on your skin. If you feel sleepy, allow yourself to drift off.

5. Go Back To Work Afterwards

Instead: Plan your treatment so that you can take the rest of the day of but make sure you spend it relaxing so that you can really enjoy that beautifully serene feeling your treatment gave you and make the most of the experience.

Endota Spa Review

Recently I treated a friend to the rather superior sounding treatment at Endota Spa: ‘THE Facial’. Just to give you an idea of what a good facial consists of:

I asked for a pore treatment so they opted for a deep cleansing oil mask and the experience was a total of 45 minutes, using organic products that smell divine. I had very high expectations and I’m pleased to say that it did not disappoint. Although, it wasn’t the most comfortable facial, at first, owing to a miscommunication on my part, resulting in what felt like a chemical peel rather than a relaxing facial!

When we entered the room I was a little confused when I was asked to take my top off, but later was pleasantly surprised when my facial extended to the cleansing of my décolletage, with a shoulder and neck rub. Your modesty is covered with a towel so you are perfectly comfortable. The winning part for me was the head massage, it was orgasmic! The therapist slowly massaged and scratched my scalp in all the right spots; I could have laid there all day. Plus they use hot towels on your face and who doesn’t like hot towels?!

The therapist applied the following products in stages:

  • Orange and Cehami gel cleanser
  • Aloe & Jojoba face scrub
  • Wild Orange Spritzer
  • Avocado & Grass Lilly Skin Drink
  • Rosehip Oil (repeated twice)
  • Kakadu Plum Clay Face Mask
  • Green Tea & Pea Eye Cream
  • Cinnamon & Honey Lip Balm

The spa itself was clean, beautifully decorated and the staff are incredibly friendly. I shared a room with my friend, although of course you can have your own room, all you need to do is ask. The lighting was exactly right and the music was perfect- I have a thing about music in spas and massage parlours, I hate it when it is too loud or the type of music is too vigorous and intrusive, as I find I can’t stop listening to it! I much prefer music to aid me to drift in and out, so only every once in a while I’m conscious it’s there.

Whilst my treatment left me slightly red faced, I would highly recommend it if anything for the relaxing experience that comes with it. The vast array of scents and textures is an exciting assault of the senses and each step of the facial felt amazing owing to how different each product feels. I was left with dewy glowing skin that felt hydrated and not at all tight or greasy. Plus no breakouts in the following days.

Do you have any tips on relaxation or beauty treatments?



With thanks to Endota Spa, Highpoint, Melbourne.

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