Are you Washing your Hair Correctly?

Tips on how to wash your hair the right way to encourage growth and prevent damage.

It’s hard to believe there is a wrong way to wash your hair; indeed there are counterproductive habits that are silently screwing up your hair. A good hairdresser should ask lots of questions about the products you use, how you have been washing your hair, the styles you wear and any concerns you might have, so that they can advise you accordingly. During a recent trip to my hairdresser Maddie, I raised my concerns about my hair thinning with age, and the hereditary patches of hair loss at the front of my head (cheers Mum!) so Maddie asked about my […]

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5 of the Best Free Recipe Apps

5 of the Best Free Recipe Apps - inspiration to get you cooking up a storm, with highlights on the coolest features and great recipes to try.

I often get stuck in a food rut where I feel I am eating the same meals repeatedly. I have a small collection of cookbooks that I occasionally turn to – my favourites incude Jamie Oliver’s Everyday Super Foods and Yotam Ottolenghi’s Jerusalem – but increasingly, I find myself turning to free recipe apps for inspiration. There are so many benefits when switching to cooking apps, for one thing you increase counter top space and best of all there are no more sticky pages from messy fingers! As technology improves, so do the amazing features, making cooking more accessible and […]

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Five Grams: Jubilant June

Five Grams: Instagram collection by Hapless & Hopeless. June 2016

June was a month of celebration: marking my 30th birthday with delicious brunch dates and a decadent cocktail party, then later celebrating the hubby’s birthday at Werribee Mansion. With winter setting in, Instagram was a sea of cool tones, soft knits and a few snaps of glorious (but crisp) sunny days. Five Instagram Faves 1 | Thick cut bacon, Gruyere potato hash brown and Beetroot relish at the Wide Open Road cafe, Brunswick, Vic. 2 | Styling fluffy cotton is my new interior obsession. 3 | I never say no to lemon gifts. 4 | Sartorial street shot at the […]

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Ai Wei Wei // Andy Warhol

Poignant anti-government photograph at Tiananmen Square by Ai Wei Wei

One, a Chinese dissident artist, the other, a pop print icon with an enviable squad. So what brought them together in one exhibition? The jury is still out… I have always considered myself a philistine when it comes to the arts. Quite simply, I just don’t get it. Almost 15 years ago I stood in front of the painting masterpiece ‘The Birth of Venus’ by Botticelli, at the Uffizi gallery in Florence, and yes, of course, I marvelled at the artist’s skill. I could clearly understand the subject, how much work had gone into it etc. But the rest of […]

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Party Feet Essentials

The relationship with my feet has always been lukewarm at best – they’re small and square, always dry and stubborn when it comes to footwear (hello blisters). Pedicures are, of course, paramount for party ready feet, but what if you are between treatments and have less than 24 hours to fix your feet? This was my dilemma. Now I’m not about to give you directions on home pedicures because firstly, I suck at them and secondly, I think some things are best left to the professionals. Cutting your nails incorrectly can lead to ingrown toenails and that’s just nasty (I say […]

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Film Review: Florence Foster Jenkins

I was very lucky to see an exclusive pre-screening of Florence Foster Jenkins thanks to Australian fashion label Trenery and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The illustrious Meryl Streep plays New York socialite Florence Foster Jenkins, who became an opera singing despite her complete lack of singing ability, rhythm and enunciation.  This biographical film follows Florence’s oblivious determination to sing opera on the stage, with the help of her loyal husband St Clair, played by Hugh Grant and with the accompaniment of pianist Cosme McMoon, played by Simon Helberg. Streep’s dry wit is delightful in this role […]

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Five Grams: April Blooms

April represents change for me: in London it is relief from the cold as Spring arrives, in Melbourne it’s the vibrant colours of Autumn and today, the last day of the month, it is my nephew’s birthday, which always makes me feel old! This year, though, April has been the start of party planning, as I have decided to host a Long Winter Lunch for my 30th birthday in June. As such my Instagram feed is bursting with flowers as I try to gather inspiration.

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An Inspired Lunch in Kangaroo Valley

Inspiring lunch with fellow creatives at The Cottage Kangaroo Valley

What happens when an artist and two photographers hold an Instameet lunch? Magic, that’s what. So excited to share some snaps from my spontaneous weekend away in Kangaroo Valley, New South Wales. All the information on where I stayed and list of suppliers for the lunch are detailed at the end of the post. I hope it will inspire you to explore more, I know I’m certainly planning a few decadent lunches with dear friends!

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Get Smarter: 1 book, 15 mins

Blinkist caters for the time-poor and resource restricted, hiring expert writers to condense their ever-expanding online library of non-fictional literature in order to help you to read it in a fraction of the time. Simply put, they want to help you read more, do more and learn more, in less time, boldly claiming that they can make you smarter in just 15 minutes! But how exactly?

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